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If these publishing articles or posts either on your website or blog, you must take into account these tips and very useful recommendations, which will be of great help at the time of posting. 1 Unveils your opinion people like blogs, and likes it because they are written by people, not corporations. People want to know what think you, your opinion on the subject of which concerned the post. So tell them what you think using the fewest possible words. 2 Links as crazy supports your post with links to other websites that are contextual to your input and pon also links to other entries in your blog (links your own content). 3.

Not ramblings gives the maximum amount of information with a minimum of words. She thinks that time is finite and people are busy. 4. 250 words are insufficient a long post is easy to forget and hard to read. A short post is quite the opposite. 5 Put flashy titles get the titles of your posts than concise. The more ideas you can summarize in one sentence better.

Take a look at the newspapers to see how do them. 6. Structure the text divides the text of the post into paragraphs to make the format more palatable to the reader. 7 Get your posts easier to explore inserts a small title, a phrase that go to the grain, every certain number of paragraphs. 8 I know true to your style once you’ve settled, stick to a style. People like to know what is going to find. 9 Uses keywords think of keywords that people would use to search for your post and include them in the text and titles. Make sure that they look natural and not be out of place. 10 Check your post the key of good writing is revision. Before you publish your entry, make sure that there are no spelling mistakes and delete everything you don’t need. You want to discover more tips and secrets to belong to the true Elite of entrepreneurs…

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