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The interest amount based more on comparable rates loans than on a real estate loan, since different collateral are crucial. At some financial institutions, obtaining more favourable terms than that of a free-use rates loan is possible through the establishment of the purpose it must be thoroughly checked, each consisting of what are the possibilities! Owning your own home is using the granted funds purpose namely substantially with or increases in the value, this is taken into account in the conditioning of the credit contracts quite. Often, there is also the possibility to pay the first installment in the following month of the credit payment, but E.g. only after 3 months. Likewise, unscheduled repayments should be free of charge on the granted credit. Services E.g.

for energy saving with the credit should be paid, even the use of funding may be possible. This can be in the form of repayment subsidies or even a generally discounted loan. So, the KfW bank group offered for example, subsidized modernization loans for the building renovation (CO2) or the housing modernization in terms of energy saving. Since the requirements and conditions for this are subject to constant change, also this should go up with the selected consultant will be discussed. Conclusion the modernization of credit is the correct form of financing residential property should be rebuilt, renovated or modernised.

In contrast to the mortgage does not here but the mortgage registration as security, which leads to lower costs but also to slightly higher interest rates. The timely (before credit application!) is important Information about the structure, taking into account possible promotions. The modernization of credit should be applied for best by means of a specialized and independent mediator. More info upgrading credit – up to 50,000 euros to fixed conditions and without title deeds modernization loans – loan or mortgage?

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