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The lever can move the world which Archimedes, the entrepreneur would have thanked will flourish in societies that valued education and creativity, to invest in research and welcome to innovation. But in which impede the development of the entrepreneurial skills of the people suffer economy together, fundamentally because it wasted a crucial resource: human capital. Nobody has been able to decipher the mystery enclosing the entrepreneurial spirit; the one that distinguishes individuals who create, organize, and lead a business, guided (among other things) in the interest of making money, but assuming the risk of losing everything what has been invested. Pressures on the entrepreneur at the head of a newborn company are unforgiving, and formidable obstacles. Conquer the credibility and the respect of the market is very difficult. Forecasts are almost never accurate, and more sales do not always solve a problem of box.

Relations with suppliers will shoulder straps if there are debts of by medium, and often not able to pay off them is on the promised date. Competitors forth from the least expected side, and worsen a situation which of itself is complex. Founding a company is very similar to launch a rocket into space; a minimum error at the moment of liftoff could do was deviated thousands of kilometers from the planned course. Act I: the life cycle of the entrepreneurship cycle begins when the entrepreneur detects an opportunity and evaluates it; the gestation period which equals the pre-launch analysis, and that is extremely important research and understand the dimensions of the opportunity, the concept of business itself, in order to determine whether it is attractive or not. Once he assumes the risk and rewards of creating an organization to try to exploit an estimated the opportunity, begins the second stage. The planning stage of business and resource commitment. Although many entrepreneurs never write a business plan or, at least, not detailing it formally, it is useful when capital is needed to finance the venture.

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