The Miracle

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Now, I’m not saying that we let’s us some compulsive buyers, only I’m saying don’t limit yourself and don’t let that thoughts as I have no money to buy it, not me enough, I can’t, etc. because no doubt will influence your pocket. Now let’s look at what some of those things that make the rich and poor, and that way conscious or unconscious keeps them trapped in its current state. Of course, I’m sure that many would like to be trapped between the rich. The poor believe hens, the rich Eagles. The poor to believe poor, think that they have no way to be rich, so only they live according to their small aspirations. The poor spend the money, while the rich invest: the poor do not invest out of fear, the rich invest in spite of fear. In the end, it is only money.

Poor people think working on the best company, the rich think about creating the best company. The poor think that money is bad, rich do many good things with him. The poor live waiting for the miracle, the rich know that they are the miracle. The poor come wealth as matter of luck, the rich know that luck is 1% of what you get in life and the other 99% depends on each one. The poor are always asking for a better world, the rich are wondering how I can do the world a better place? Note: The above comparison does not apply to all cases, it is however a pattern of thought that round in each respective area. As I said before, wealth is a problem of States of consciousness and not how much money you have. Original author and source of the article.

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