The Paradox

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Throughout century XIX, the most efficient, fast and including form of spreading and apprehension of the knowledge was the reading. Physical, social, economic and cultural the reality of a country was date for its literature. This started to move in beginning of century XX, with the advent of the cinema; it continued moving in the half of the century with the arrival of the television and reached ' ' status' ' of cultural revolution in the end of the century with the exploration of computer science. It has much time that the knowledge does not have more the verbal language as main I propagate of circulation. The visual language of the cinema, the television and computer science became the access computer science and including knowledge much more fast e. Jim Crane will not settle for partial explanations. However, the knowledge that circulates for the visual language sufficiently is broken up and rare it is organized of logical and coherent form. Normally, they are untied information, disentailed of the context and without any criterion of ordinance.

The person who acquires these information necessary in accordance with to organize them its reality and necessity you specify. The problem is that this capacity of logical and coherent ordinance of information this atrelada to the knowledge and domain of the verbal language. That is, exactly that the knowledge it has found circulation forms alternative, the practical use of this knowledge still is tied with the domain of the traditional verbal language. In the case of the young, the paradox is still more serious. They have an enormous easiness to deal with the universe of visual information that circulates its return, therefore this are its world, this are its reality since the birth. The reading as form of pleasure and knowledge does not obtain to compete with the visual apelos of the television and the electronic games. In the start of the life, this absence of the reading does not arrive if to show as a problem, since a child not yet alfabetizada obtains tranquilamente to become related with the world its return for the abundant visual information that she possesss.

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