The Young

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In the room, Incio came back to speak with the couple. – Its son me seems discerning, healthful. But, some thing is happening and needs to discover what it is. I would like to see place where it says that the youngster deferred payment. – We go there then. Francisco said. They had left the four the house, had passed for an orchard in the deep ones, where it had a centennial figueira and had arrived at a bare place.

Beyond the bare place it had native bush. Rosa and Francisco had estaked in the edge of the field as if they had distrust to go more ahead. – It is here? Incio asked. – Yes. Francisco said and alone then he folloied the doctor, but Pink he remained where he was and Enrique decided to make company it. Walking for the campina, Incio perceived symmetrical unevennesses and some rocks, as if old it had had some constructions there.

– The village was here? – I am not certain. Francisco answered looking at for the bush. Not finding nothing of abnormal person, Incio started to come back stops next to Rosa and Enrique. – It is growing dark. I needed more time to investigate these things that affect Isaura. – Mr. cannot be with us per some days? He inquired Francisco. – It is of vacation. Enrique said. – Surplus time Has! – It is, doctor. Rose asked for. Enrique was even so Incio remained in the farm. It was not certain of that Isaura said the truth, but the vises of the young and the existence of one old village in the campina seemed to have a stranger linking. In that night it had supper with the family, but he did not touch in the subject kept that it there. They had talked until afternoon on diverse facts. In the following morning Francisco left early to decide subjects of work in the farm.

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