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The products of first necessity that is the bread and milk are always in the opposite places Super? The answer is that the more you have to walk to go by one or by what other, more time remain in the super more products veras and more money gastaras, researchers have calculated that every extra minute you spend in a supermarket, you spend you $2 more. The ambienteLos human beings tend to blink about 32 times per minute. The lighting of supermarkets this studied so that only rapid 14 times per minute, which will put you in a trance-like State. The global environment also contributes your grain of sand: supermarkets tend to have the walls painted light blue, beige or green to calm customers and keep them less alert. But flashing back to normality under the lights of the cash registers, for that when it comes to pay have to be well awake. The oloresOlfatea.

The most likely is that the only thing you stay is a supermarket is the freshly baked bread or roasted coffee (both positive aromas that they attract the customer). When the establishment has no bakery, sometimes vaporizes artificial smell bread. With unpleasant odours (meat or fish) products are carefully packaged with plastic. The deli, fishmonger and bakery counters mimic those of the small shops, in which the customer feels more comfortable. Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom competition from supermarkets has reduced the number of bakeries, butchers, fishmongers and vegetable shops authentic 40,000 to 10,000 in less than a generation.While the food industries grow overweight grows.

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