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Banfield and Newell s down by 1-0, was another story. The need for Newell s to turn the result to be champion and the urgency of Banfield to achieve equality minimum, allow him access to a hypothetical runoff. Although nothing would mind if in Rosario the local revertia not the marker. Thus the things, in Rosario emerged whole self-esteem of players from Newell s motivated by the incessant support of its fans, who loudly pushed San Lorenzo against the Arch of Migliore. While Banfield not answers at the Bombonera, in Formica colossus had the tie with a cross footed that was just outside the 29 and then Migliore took over the crossbar a bomb by Achucarro from far. Newell s corners to its rival in the final minutes, but the tie did not arrive at the first time. While Sensini gave indications in the locker room, in Capital Silva was the standard bearer of Banfield in search of a draw.

At 44, dropped a ball with your head to Seba Fernandez who was face to face with Abbondanzieri. But the swing of the Uruguayan was beside the left stick of the duck. Also the first stage ended in La Boca: 1-0 here and beyond 0-1. This time, at the same time, they began the second times. So Banfield, as Newell s left hurry in search of that title on hold.

Boca and San Lorenzo, in advantage, took refuge in the first few minutes. It could be formica to the 3, but Migliore did not stop. To add drama, Boghossian was filled with the face of blood by a coup and Baldassi had to dodge a zapatazo that fell from the audience. But it was Banfield which came close to a draw before Boca.

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