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When forming itself a site, the first tending steps to the natural positioning in finders usually are the natural way of that is sent to realise a marketing activity online. However, in a time we will be able to see that we arrived at a certain ceiling, which will be very difficult to surpass. This is because once we have exhausted our resources to gain PR and positioning, when not existing new features in which it makes to the indexing of our page, like new key words, or major amount and better quality of incoming connections, the progress in the positioning will tend to pause. This it is the moment in which we began to propose the necessity to contract a company to us of CATHEDRAL in Spanish, when truly we have consumed our repertoire of tools to be able to leave better positioned. In order to summon a company CATHEDRAL he will be unavoidable to have fulfilled certain conditions: To have website technically correct To have optimized texts of the page, and to consider the necessity to add more excellent textual containing. To have well in clear to where we wished to arrive, and how much we will invest to obtain it. The consultant surely will begin with a deep diagnosis of his site.

This stage is divided in factors insite and offsite, that is to say, will remove a species from photographs of the state of website, as much in which it does to programming, it structures and contents, like a his situation in the Web: for example, how many I connect have been obtained until now, and in what sites. Later, it will offer a work plan to him. It considers that the minimum time of work to be able to see the first tangible results is of approximately six months. In addition, the decision will be due to take if PPC campaigns will be realised (payment by click), and which will be the budget destined to this aim. A consultant is On guard to do a complete diagnosis, considering a series of metric data and that they require of a precise interpretation, and that they will give us he rules of which it is the way to follow. But, none serious consultant will be able to promise concrete results, simply because many of the variables that take part in the positioning Web are outside the control of the person in charge of the site. That is to say, we can control what happens in our Web, but do not have no type of control on the ranking of our competitors, and their decisions of marketing online. Positioned being well is a dance, in better which by dancers than we are, music and our partner they have an enormous influence on the precision of our movements. Therefore. if somebody promises to concrete positions to him it flees before losing its money! If it has liked this post and wants to place it in its site, can do it without disadvantages, as long as it mentions like source to

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