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The state emotional is modifiable with the suitable training so that the people can move away to the thoughts and feelings that lead to them to the sadness and distresses, and replace them by that they lead to them to the well-being. By means of techniques of tomography of emission of positrons or magnetic resonance, it has been possible to verify that certain types of negative emotions like: anxiety, rage or depression, generate major cerebral activity in the right prefrontal crust, whereas the positive emotions like joy or satisfaction, generates more activity in the left prefrontal crust. Apparently the natural tendency of the people is to be gladder than sad, because a genetic predisposition as learned to the activation of those areas of the brain exists as much responsible for the positive emotions. By means of the indicated techniques professor Richard Davidson, director of for Laboratory Affective Neuroscience of the University of Wisconsin, verified in licks tibetano, that the part of its brain responsible for happiness showed the greater activity never obtained in a human being. ialist. Considering the meditation Buddhist, as the base of the change, Davidson trained to a group of people submissive situations of stress in the knowledge and practice of the Buddhist meditation during three hours per week throughout two months. The objective era to measure the cerebral impact of this tibetana practice and to discover if the brain of licks that it had made the discovery previous, was an exception of the nature or the result of its effort and perseverancia in the meditation. The results kept awake a sensible displacement towards the happiness feelings as well as an unexpected fortification of the immunological system of the people who had known and applied the techniques Buddhist meditation. Original author and source of the article..

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