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In the summer we put aside the heavy coats and clothes of wool to make way for a fresh, fun fashion, but above all, lightweight. Therefore, one of our favorite garment the summer season are skirts. In addition to allowing us to show off legs, skirts also allow that we look after our health to prevent vaginal infections, among other things, by the heat that generated in the intimate zone pants, more if they are tight. Vivid colors and pastels; prints of flowers and cartoon characters; layers, pleats, lace and looming cuts in A Finally, a true mix of trends and designs in 2011 latemporada with the female coquteria that characterizes these garments. Then take a look at some of the models that reflect your comfort and fashion versatility. Let’s start with the classic skirts with pleats that never go out of fashion despite the years and that flattering details such as belts at the waist part and the edges of lace can adhere. In addition, prints always floreados you Add a to0que of youthful elegance. Tip: If skirt comes up before the knee, the most advisable is to use with a short inside to avoid shameful accidents.

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