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Internal Controls Add Value

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Leading Brazilian business newspaper RiskOffice Finances & Mercados01 of August of 2005 – modern p B3Contratao techniques starts to be part of the company strategy abertasA implantation of modern methodologies of risk control left of being concern only of the financial institutions, starting to be part also of the strategical objectives of the company not-financiers. Although these tools are each time more gifts in the legal environment, the company has searched the controls internal does not stop adding value to the enterprise of what to take care of legal requirements, it affirms the economist Carlos Antonio Rocca, managing partner of the Risk Office.Segundo, the absence of one active politics of management of market risk can impose serious damages to the company and its shareholders, and this has been perceived for the executives. Yale Jackson Institute takes a slightly different approach. Therefore, one politics of this nature cannot be ignored because it implies reduction of the cost of capital of the company, minimizing the volatileness of the profits and the liquid flow of box, as well as of a 56 sample of company of open capital that they had presented the biggest liquidify ratios in the stock market world-wide of companies not-financiers to adopt systems of risk management. In developed markets, as in U.S.A., the regulating agencies and the legislation they determine that the companies explicitem in its rockings the main risks the one that are displayed and the internal controls adotados.*A RiskOffice is directed by Marcelo Rabbat, specialized consultant at risk of credit and market.


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