German Expedition

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They disembark with 11 tons of luggage, blankets of for the one of camel and bed clothes, they were some of the many things that they had not opened hand. Joseph Greiner, marine, enterprising young, the integrant room of the group member of an expedition, with the function of master-baggage compartment, foreman and person in charge of the provisionses. Of Par they follow route to the north. In Germany, having an important social status ahead of research justinian codes and museums of natural history Kampfhenkel obtained the support of the Institute Emilio Goeldi (Belm-Par) and of the National Museum (Rio De Janeiro). To go up the river Jar, was the next question, would search, however, the support of the Brazilian Armed Forces, in 1935 it was divided enters the pretense national interests with Germany and U.S.A. In Belm, the governor Jose Sheep of Malcher Gamma and general Manuel de Cerqueira Daltro Son had received with enthusiasm the visit. The estuary of the River Jar enters, in Amazon, and its flaring Waterfall of Saint Antonio, has a wooden cross, measuring three meters of height for two meters of width, that has some years is explored as tourist attraction in the Amap. Underneath of it the teuto-Brazilian lies Joseph Greiner, buried in January of 1936, vitimado there for the forest.

Made sacrrio, today the cross is protected by a roof and headed by the notch of a sustica – the gamada cross of origins going-tibetanas, popularized as icon arsonist of nazism. Improvised tablet, the necrolgio de a Cruz explains: ' ' Joseph Greiner died here in 2/1/36, the service of the research German, vitimado for the fever – German Expedition of the Jary, 1935-1937' '. (FLLGRAF, 2009). The visitors had repaid the reception with a test of the hydroplane ' ' Marinha&#039 eagle; ' model ' ' Seekadett' '. The analysis of the topography of the basin of the Jar until its headboards, an unknown mapping, considered by the gegrafo Kampfhenkel, was what it caused a probable expectation to get profits with the expedition.

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