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In 2003, this relation was of 25,2% for public sector and 72.3% for the private sector. Currently, 9,4 million public officers in Brazil in the three spheres of government exist. The quantitative greater belongs to the city halls, is 4,95 million, corresponding 52.6% of the total of the public officers. In 1995, the municipal employees corresponded 39% of all the employees of the public sector, this sample cabalmente that many activities that were of responsibility of the federal government and the state governments had passed to the municipal governments. This because the governments of the states also had had a reduction in percentile terms of the quantitative one of its employees. If you would like to know more then you should visit Dropbox.

In 1995 the state public officers corresponded 45.3% of the public officers of the three spheres of government, currently this percentage are of 37,3%. Really, many fallacies exist when the quantitative one of public officers in Brazil is criticized. Demands that are urgent notadamente in the security areas publish, health and education exist that only can be taken care of of form adjusted with the staff act of contract. The cost of all the public officers of the three spheres of government is relatively low, corresponding 14% of the GIP and 41.5% of the overheads also of the three spheres. What it is necessary are to stimulate all the employees of the public sector for they can in accordance with give to the services the capacity of each one. In the public sector she is where they are the enabled employees more, if they to feel themselves sanctioned certainly will offer to the Brazilian society services of quality and with respect to the citizens. She is this that the Brazilian people wait of all the agencies of the public sector.

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