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Which fruit is the best friend of women? That's right, the pineapple! After all, it promotes the breakdown of fat and get rid of toxins from the body, but rather it makes the enzyme Bromeliads contained therein. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Kaihan Krippendorff. By the way, to feel the effect weight loss, you need to choose only fresh and ripe fruit. The freshness of pineapple can be easily identified on the leaves. If the tops of thick and green, it means that the fruit was broken recently. Tear off a leaf, if it came off easily – you choose ripe pineapple, if left in your hand all the top – the fruit of overripe. At a ripe juicy pineapple and the smell will be appropriate: a delicate and slightly sweet, and perespevshy fruit will smell too cloying. If you have musical ear, and the fruit should be chosen by the sound, it will not be easy.

Tap on it: if you hear a hollow sound, the fruit ripe and juicy, and if it sounds 'empty', then shriveled flesh. Be sure to feel it pineapple; unripe fruit, solid, mature a little softer, but with elastic skin, and the overripe fruit flakes are very soft. And do not be afraid to buy fruit with a green crust, to the pineapple is not an indicator. For canned pineapple and There are a few rules. On the label have to be information in Russian, if not, then canned food had been imported illegally. If the slices are too bright, then there was the added dye. With pineapple can cope with colds and even influenza.

Just grind in a blender until smooth 100g fresh pineapple, then add 100 ml. Home kvass and a few drops of lemon juice. Start any meal with a large cloves pineapple, so you can enhance the activity of gastric juice and to prepare your stomach to take food. End the meal with a dessert of pineapple and the morning of the stomach will tell you thanks for that. Source: losing weight in a woman's magazine

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