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The cost of the course by mail is several. But the economic hill 10 BsF Also I can enviarte landlords of the clothes that you wish to make aside without terner that to only buy the course the landlord; 12 Bsf by each landlord. Parones de Traje de Bao Clothes of children Clothes of ladies Difrases but their cost is of 25 Bsf Landlords of clothes of dogs its cost is of 30 Bsf c/u What here it will learn will give the possibility him of exerting the seam like a profession, thus having means of independent and lucrative life. For the exercise of this profession it will only need, scissors, threads, needles, pins, fabrics, cetimetro and in addition a machine to sew and a small space in his own address. To work in house is an advantage very appreciated by many people who, by their family tasks, cannot absent themselves of the home.

All the detailed content next this including in its purchase. I buy it. And tendra the oprtunida one to shine sustrajes as always quisistes. Podras watches this small sujerenciasy to haser the landlords to your medidaspor example if your legs are short you have Cobfeccionar Trousers of high figure, since these extend their length visually, without bells and cut rectum. It uses in the part superior short articles like chaquetitas to the waist, things not very long, etc.

It avoids the long skirts definitively, it prefers those that have tube form and arrive until the knees. Slippers with sharpened end, not to devesusar low shoes everything with heel to that he is small the heel . Another sujerencias If you like you make Mini skirts, minidresses and bermuda shorts, never long skirts, by all means high heels.It eats you want and all articles to them in the same range of color. Short or long and fitted sleeves. Small purses FOR THE DISCHARGES. Long suits. Cattle flat sandals to the hip and long t-shirts. Great purses shoes as you like FOR THE GORDITAS. Dark, smooth colors, smooth fabrics, printings to vertical rays, cut in V if you have much chest. It tries that the clothes not so fit but either so great and it does not try to make but patalones that dressed and skirts you see yourself but thin with trousers. high shoes deal with not using so short with the high heel you are seen but slim Important We are always obsessed with our weight and parts of our body that we do not like absolutely, and were not able that to sometimes buy of clothes so selecting that to put to us it becomes an arduous and exasperating task. The secret this in making we like and only disguise what we do not want to show and we visualize what quermos to obtain.

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