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In other points of operation, the work manually continues to be made. It is not possible to increase the production with less diligent. If to consider this question in terms of the number of worked days, that is an error. It In terms of number of laborers must be considered. When it is said on ' ' to save hand-of-obra' ' , it is thought about elimination of a worker, what it sounds badly. To save man power means, for example, that a work that used ten workers in the past now is made with eight, eliminating two people. Toyota had a working dispute in 1950, as resulted of the reduction of the work force.

Immediately after the agreement, blew up the War of the Korea, that brought demands special. But these demands had been taken care of with enough staff and still they had increased the production. This experience was valuable e, since then, has produced the same amount that other company, but with 20% less diligent 30%. From 80 years the Japanese industrial development surprised ocidente. This surprise was given mainly in the aspects of management of the quality, job of the automation and techniques of marketing reverse, that is, breaking itself of the focus of the customer, arrives it the organization, passing for the development of new products, new applications for the existing products, new packings, etc., inverting the usual route business-oriented. Reasons, among others underlying to ' ' tip of iceberg' ' , a way inhabits to manage the business, subsidized for a paradigm change: system Toyota of Production and one of its pillars; the Just-in-Teams paradigm. The Real meant of Just-in-Teams is understood better (JIT) comparing it with its predecessor: Just-in-Marry (JIC). The management of a business for the optics of the JIC leads the one that if according to produces maximum capacity of production of the resources, anticipating the future demand under the form of supplies.

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