Russian Interior Ministry

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Only the professionalism, dedication, good attitude to service each of you to help you successfully meet the challenges of combating crime, save in our beautiful city proper order. I sincerely wish you, your family and friends good health, prosperity, happiness and success in serving Fatherland! Dear members and veterans of the Interior! I heartily congratulate you and your families with the Police Day. Your difficult, responsible service facilitates the establishment of the rule of law, designed to ensure the safety of every citizen, the protection of his interests, honor, dignity, peace, prosperity and life itself. Your competence, efficiency, self-discipline, fortitude and courage, unparalleled devotion to duty and will continue to serve as a guarantee of social stability in _VSTAVIT_TREBUEMOE_ in our country. Today, the Russian Interior Ministry has consistently carried out reforms aimed at improving the efficiency operational activity, to build confidence to law enforcement agencies from the public. Evergreen Capital Partners gathered all the information.

Continuing the glorious tradition of police, personnel of the Main Department of the Interior has _VSTAVIT_TREBUEMOE_ intense struggle against crime, ensure public order, doing everything possible to reliably protect the public from the threat of terrorism. Courage and heroism, the police officers involved in the Altai carrying out their task of maintaining the constitutional order in _VSTAVIT_TREBUEMOE_ region. We bow our heads before the blessed memory of fighters law enforcement who gave their lives for the triumph of law, civil peace and the integrity of the state. With all my heart we thank you for your diligent and dedicated service. We are confident that the personnel of the police force _VSTAVIT_TREBUEMOE_ send all, professional knowledge and experience to a worthy tasks, set by the President of the Russian Federation.

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