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Curran Euro

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The impact of the Greek crisis on the euro what prospects does the euro with Greece about to require the promised rescue? Not the best, considering especially the ad which had caused some hope in the markets, has little credibility. Greece is worse than Argentina in 2001 and that can be very bad news for the euro. The plan approved by European leaders, which includes lending bilateral along with aid from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), as well as being intended to be used as a last resort to Greece, requires unanimity among the 16 eurozone countries so that it can be implemented. Without a doubt, bad news for those who they believed, and believed that this aid to Greece was serious. But everyone wants to support Greece? In reality no, and what worries most is that one of the countries that is not very convinced to do so, precisely is the main country of the block. Germany is without discussion, the main economic engine of the euro-zone. The country is by live regional elections of the next May 9th and no party wants to show their constituents how waste fiscal resources in helping Curran drunkenness of a country that undoubtedly has not done the homework. Conservatively, European diplomatic sources said: we all know that it is impossible for Germany to lend money to Greece before the election.

Must he bear Greece until after regional elections in Germany to fall into a situation of greater danger that ends by defining the help? Mohamed El-Erian in Financial Times, explained why the rescue of Greece was not going under anticipated Rails. The triumphant announcement of Greece, the European Union and the IMF a couple of weeks ago has not served to calm the situation on the markets, nor has contributed to reduce the cost of financing Greek debt. This vision matches people of AFP, for whom the European plan of support for Greece failed to reassure the markets. And in the midst of fuss, Fitch has given him last Friday, a new stroke of knock-out to Greece lowering its debt rating on two levels, from BBB + to BBB-, placing it with negative perspectives. The bet in Europe failed spectacularly and the escalation of the performance of the Greek obligations makes still more unlikely that Greece can get out of its budgetary black hole without effective help, warned concerned Nick Kounis, Economist at Fortis Bank. The ghost of Argentina fly over Athens titled Digital freedom last Friday, noting that Greece financial position is worse than that recorded in Argentina at the time, as is shown Peter Boone and Simon Johnson, analysts of the Financial Times, and researchers from the London School of Economics and the MIT Sloan School, respectively.

Greece is much more debt, much less competitive and need a fiscal adjustment and pay proportionately higher, said analysts polled by Digital freedom in comparison with the situation in Argentina in 2001. Others who may share this opinion include Jim Crane. Continue reading – investment opportunity – the euro It will continue to fall but there are alternatives for investment in Wall Street that will grow your wealth this year. Actions with a strong bullish potential of 2010 are here.

Google Munich

Comments Off on Google Munich celebrates its one-year anniversary and rank # 1 in Google Munich, 30.07.2009. “Last year much has done himself,” recalls owner Johannes Haas. Others who may share this opinion include Dropbox. The search engine had started with a few pages, now over 1,500 leaflets can be found, a comfortable doctor search integrates and weekly, a health newsletter is sent. When went online exactly a year ago, few knew the portal. This should change soon.

Already after a few months arrived about 500 visitors each month, and rising. “Also the newest Google ranking with the search term ‘Leaflet’ on the 1.Platz will provide many new user us”. Also, uses a 1st place at yahoo! led, Microsoft’s new search engine is on the 2.Platz. Our objectives were met to a year, even surpassed”, so the next owner. Patients see a comprehensive database with more than 2,000 drugs and package leaflets and this patient information via the integrated search easily and accurately find. One of the great advantages of is the fast and comfortable search function. With just one click you can search from any page for drugs, indications, ingredients, or pharmaceutical companies. In addition, patients can find easily targeted medical specialists or pharmacies in your area. For patients who didn’t understand the leaflet, there is assistance how the leaflet is structured and what information the leaflet includes. The entire range of complete current health news, and a weekly newsletter.

Dealing With Back Pain

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More than 70 percent of the population suffers from back pain. In most cases it is lower back pain, so pain in the lower back section. If they are not taken seriously and chronically, can lead to serious problems. What causes back problems and what can be done about chronic pain? Initial studies for the experts she is in the diagnosis of back pain following important question: If symptoms of irritation or neurological deficits before as an indication of damage to nerve roots? First and foremost is a selective survey of the patient and subsequently a clinical neurological examination is essential in order to capture any failures and to determine the location of the injury. Frequently, X-ray examination methods for detecting depressed fractures or MRI for the detection or exclusion of a herniated disc required. When the existence of neurological deficits with a rectal bladder dysfunction or paralysis of the rapid Diagnosis is particularly important because it can result directly therapeutic steps. Are there other causes? Not always back problems result from poor posture or physical strain – in some cases the pain is also another underlying disease.

Thus, for example back pain, both a symptom of ankylosing spondylitis, a chronic inflammatory disease, his experience as well as an advanced osteoporosis or osteoarthritis. Therapeutic approaches what can you do for chronic back trouble, especially if the pain is acute? First of analgesic and anti-inflammatory NSAIDs are usually announced by a specialist. However, the effect only as long as the drug remains in the body. Products with long-term use is not recommended, as higher doses in the long run bring the risk of kidney damage with and burden the stomach lining. Newer agents – so-called COX-2 inhibitors – are gentler on the stomach. Most importantly, despite the back problem maintain physical activity.

Then studies a significant reduction in pain and a reduction in sick leave days have been established. Especially the chronic back pain on these studies have shown that exercise is superior to other therapies. Almost indispensable here is the physiotherapists therapy, but also all the physiotherapy facilities often lead to the goal. When it comes to Bechterew’s disease, early diagnosis is crucial for the prognosis. Therapeutically is the physical therapy with strengthening the back muscles to prevent and pain prophylaxis in the foreground. In degenerative back pain in addition to physical therapy and pain medication is often an osteoporosis treatment is successful with reduced bone density.

Moscow University

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– Then the contour measure introduced frequencies that mimic the effects of a factor. If the human body reacts to this factor, then this factor means to him. In the next stage, slightly amplify the signal, we can determine how significant for the patient, this signal: positive or negative? If negative, then how long? This chronic exposure or acute? As it interacts with other factors? And on the basis of these data has already built up an individual treatment algorithm for this man. ” The device generates a super-weak signals, not exceeding a few nanoamper. They correspond to the frequencies of the human body.

But follow-up task – provide a response signal from the body overall noise – could not resolve several generations of scientists. The noise created as external factors (Radioactivity, electromagnetic fields, toxic exposure, etc.) as well as internal. Select from this background signal produced by any body in response to a diagnostic test the impact could only modern instruments such as aic IMEDIS-Expert. But with all the advantages biorezonanskoy medicine, we must not forget that in the hands of the layman, even the very latest advances in medical technology may be harmful. “The methodology bio-resonance medicine on the human effect of weak signals, but these signals are meaningful to the person, explains Dmitry , the training of physicians working with aic IMEDIS-expert “at the Department of Postgraduate education at the Moscow University of Friendship of Peoples. – You have to understand that even a weak but significant signal for the person can greatly affect his body. Therefore, as important professional doctor working for the instrument. If the reception will have allergies, and you turn on the frequency of histamine – a substance that causes allergies – it is directly in the session start to sneeze. If you come postinfarction patient can not include the frequency of myocardial infarction. There certain rules, algorithms for different patients. Adverse effects are possible with any instrument. It has long been used in medical ultrasound device or an X-ray also carry the potential risk: with their help, too, as you can diagnose and irradiate.

You made a man an X-ray light, and he then fell ill with lung cancer. Because you have it at the same time irradiated, and this small dose was the last straw in synthesis of his illness. It is no coincidence participants of liquidation of consequences of Chernobyl are contraindicated X-ray studies, and even fluorography. To minimize the extra radiation they show just bioresonance diagnosis and therapy. At the same time, radiotherapy is useful for onkologcheskih patients requiring radioactive load. As for the brt (bio-resonance therapy), the direct contra- application it has, including age. No accident that among clients in wellness and rejuvenation of man in Moscow as popular children’s diagnosis, diagnostic preschoolers. However, to carry out bio-resonance diagnosis, as well as bio-resonance therapy, should be certified specialist, clearly presents the algorithm used aic IMEDIS-Expert. Thus, do not you and not a doctor at their discretion to decide what is harmful or good for your body. Criterion in the selection process of various procedures and drugs is your own body. He is always ready to give you a signal: it is harmful or helpful? Need only to ask him.

World Health Organization

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According to the World Health Organization, every third inhabitant of the planet is infected with viral hepatitis. (Similarly see: Mark Stevens). Source of infection is the blood of an infected person. For viral hepatitis characterized by suppression activity of interferon the body, so the search and application of inducers of endogenous (natural) interferon is of particular importance. As shown by clinical trials 'Floravit E' is an effective inducer of interferon. In the year 2003. in Moscow at the Department of Infectious Diseases rmapo were conducted clinical trials 'Floravit E' and practical recommendations on the use of the above drug patients with viral hepatitis C, etc. The technique takes into account the possibility of 'Floravit E' as its own interferon inducer. It is very important that in using the drug is not noted any side effects. Proved that when receiving 'Floravit E': normalized blood values of ast, alt, and others significantly decreased the viral load. 30% of patients taking Floravit for 6 months. virus in the blood did not show restored harmonious relationship lymphocyte populations. No side effects when taking drugs 'Floravit E' and the possibility of long-term use allows doctors to recommend the drug to patients with viral hepatitis to achieve a stable remission.

Moderate Consumption

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Today, once again spread belief that alcoholic beverages may be helpful. Maybe so, but only provided moderate their consumption. Excessive alcohol consumption and alcohol remain the most important causes of illness and death. Evergreen Capital Partners describes an additional similar source. Ethyl alcohol (ethanol) – the main ingredient of alcoholic beverages – is produced by yeast fermentation of starch or sugar. Other substances produced in the process, gives the drink specific taste and aroma. They cause many symptoms of a hangover syndrome.

For example, no alcohol, and contained in red wine polyphenols – the cause of headache. Nevertheless, the main threat to human health when consumed alcohol is just alcohol. The widespread notion that red wine reduces cholesterol in the blood, not scientifically confirmed. At the same time, red wine, increases the blood levels antioxidants that may help prevent aterockleroza, and also reduces blood clotting that is preventing thrombosis. Although alcohol is rich in calories are absorbed almost immediately, there is no the most important nutrients and vitamins. So people get used to drink a lot and little, there is a risk to suffer from nutritional deficiencies such as thiamine, vitamin B, riboflavin, niacin, calcium, magnesium and zinc habit of drinking large quantities harmful to the liver, impairing the ability to metabolize protein and accumulate the vitamin that helps dissolve fat. Consumption of all types of alcohol leads to obesity, but most strongly Obesity develops from the beer and spirits: No wonder the beer lovers there is a characteristic abdomen and increases in the size of the heart.


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Promotion vnegruppovogo contact between members, but without having to claim it. Work on anger. Job, such as logging, abstinence from sexual intercourse, etc. Understanding the historical context of men socialized so as to maintain control over their feelings and deny their vulnerability. To to move forward in this phase of recovery, the victim must afford to show their vulnerability. Indicators of achievement of this step, a readiness to listen and to explore possible explanations offered by group members. (Groups this is good.) Ability to emotionally respond to specific scenarios. You may want to visit Dropbox to increase your knowledge. This strengthens the awareness of the influence exerted by sexual abuse on the victim.

Desire to talk with fellow close relatives or other safe people who can talk objectively and clearly. t; methods can ask family members and friends to come to psychotherapy in order to enable them to contribute to what is happening at the moment. These individuals should be carefully selected for how they can support and not be hostile. He can bring family photographs and other artifacts from his childhood to put together the facts that he remembers. Branch of the past from the present is often difficult to separate the victims and their reaction to the real experience of the feelings that arise from the experience of the experienced trauma. Sometimes they become so entangled that the ability think and be objective in relation to the situation – is lost. Some examples of feelings that a man can communicate with the past abuse: impotence, rage, extreme anxiety, helplessness, and fantasies of escape.

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