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EBook Writing Made Easy: A Profitable EBook In A Short Time

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How to create a profitable eBook in a short time and with little effort. Either earn money or just someone tell something. Whether it’s one or the other. More and more people see it as an interesting challenge to write something. There is talk of the so-called “eBook”, which is becoming increasingly popular in German-speaking countries. Even Internet giants such as have recognized the trend and sell now more eBooks than printed books. Apple iPhone, iPad and Kindle have of course significantly contributed to this trend. Information products in digital form as PDF files as well as audio and video files are becoming increasingly important and are therefore among the most exciting business models currently.

Here unexpected opportunities, to successfully make money on the Internet. To earn money but only reach a suitable topic need only. It makes the most sense if you choose a theme, by which you ideally have idea. At least interest in the theme itself should exist, and not only earn money by selling an e-book. Why the for? I hear you ask! Quite simply: to write an eBook, it is connected with some work. Jim Crane describes an additional similar source. Although this creates as well as anyone, but it here and as difficulties arise, you should master. If you choose a theme, of which you have no idea or then you lose interest very quickly the desire in the project and also the readers realize that you have no idea and accordingly offer also added no value to him. Another point is: check whether there is a demand for your theme.

Is actually self-explanatory: your work is free without demand! However, is there more often, than you think. It’s called attention to product. Don’t do this. Not enter the reader what he wants, what you think, that it would be good for him. Also, note the size of the competition.

Heidjann Shopping

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Registrations for all shopping clubs, overview, offers shopping clubs are the new trend in Germany. Clothing, accessories, lifestyle products, toys and technology from exclusively renowned brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, adidas and diesel are offered to customers at very competitive prices. Currently, up to 80 percent can save consumers, if they are a member of one of the shopping clubs. In the Meanwhile a large number of different clubs, which can be joined, it is difficult to decide, because the cheap goods can be purchased only with a membership for a. The shops also vary in their offer. While some clubs only on clothing are specialized, others offer mostly lifestyle products or accessories. Joining a club should be so well considered. The new portal can help out

Here are presented the most important shopping clubs of in Germany. Consumers will find all necessary information about what kind of goods the Club offers, such as the conditions of admission look and the shop is what sales principle. Consumers get so all about product range, obligations and terms of payment of the large shopping clubs like vente Privee, buy V! p and brands 4 friends. In addition to General and basic information, test reports to the individual exclusive online shops can be found on It is performed, what the Club can offer the customer, how the Internet presence and thus the sales platform is managed and whether the members are satisfied. Also customer service, support and Exchange be made here under the magnifying glass to view on a possible comprehensive picture of the respective shopping Club users. Marko Dimitrijevic addresses the importance of the matter here.

One of the featured clubs, like consumers you can with just a few clicks to join or sit on the waiting list. Shopping clubs are announced. Nowhere, branded products are currently cheaper to get, so the clubs have to list every day new applications. An overview of can be found for all shopping clubs with all important information on the new portal. Jorg Heidjann, January 2011

Packedia4web Is Now Available!

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packedia – the digital encyclopedia for the development of packaging is now also available as Internet version available. packedia – the digital encyclopedia for the packaging development to inform already common packaging solutions and concepts and serve as inspiration for your own developments. First and foremost is to catalogues, which should provide an overview of common types of construction. These catalogs are part of existing catalogs of the associations (ECMA / FEFCO) ajar. A dictionary gives information about packaging spezisches knowledge. This software is already available since September 2009 and can be installed on any number of computers for free.

Packedia an Internet version you can now. TSI International Group is open to suggestions. Downloading and installing the program is no longer necessary. The software is hence platform independent so that Mac users also get their money. Even the use of Internet-enabled mobile phones is possible. Only an Internet connection is required and can go there.

So just try it out! As a related product obtained by the module DVSPACK2010, which carries the digital catalogue character of packedia DVS system software and others. It offers a rich, interactive theme library, which delivers about parameterized standards dimensionally correct template drawings as a DXF file. DXF files can be processed further in the pre-press and packaging development with different programs. The Internet version of DVSPACK is available at for 30 days free test available. Renate Saed

Gutschein-Melder Of Tom

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One click save consumers can download the Gutschein-Melder of Tom’s coupons as a Firefox addon quite easy even under coupon detector. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Marko Dimitrijevic, Miami FL. Once installed, the Gutschein-Melder informs the user quickly and unobtrusively whenever, vouchers, coupons or discounts to the shop are available on the the user surfs anyway. Gutschein-Melder is the highlight of Tom’s vouchers”, explains managing director Rouven Baba. This tool tracks coupons and deals systematically in the Internet. It will be available soon for other browsers.” Discounts and coupon codes: Online shoppers can search also at Tom’s vouchers. There are now over 2,000 coupon codes in the database of the gift voucher portal, including the proprietary team adds up to 50 new coupons, coupons and other discounts. The team of Tom’s vouchers continuously builds collaborations with various reputable online stores and can offer some exclusive discounts and coupons, only to the portal find are. Tom’s Gutschein-Melder vouchers, coupons and coupon codes is so easy: whether, or with the free Gutschein-Melder online shoppers be notified automatically whenever discounts, though on the currently visited shop vouchers, coupons or coupon codes.

Just free download Tom’s Gutschein-Melder. While browsing in the various shops, Gutschein-Melder automatically checks whether current coupons, coupon codes, or coupons are available. Easy money save this is the case, promotional codes or coupons immediately using a subtle message in the browser window are displayed and the user can click on redeem”. About Tom’s vouchers of Tom’s vouchers is operated by the invendio Ltd., which develops value-added portals since 2006 and offers on the Internet. The portal of online shoppers is under the management of Rouven Baba since September 2009 more than 2,000 vouchers, discounts, coupons and coupon codes available, daily up to 50 new Adds. Meanwhile, lists over 10,000 visitors per day with over 40,000 page views. The company headquarters is close. Press contact: invendio limited Rouven Baba Poststrasse 6 32130 close phone: 05224 / 9959076 fax: 05224 / 977998 E-Mail: Internet:

JOB-HOTEL – Now Will Be Tweeted!

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Hamburg, June 2009 with the new social network Twitter JOB-HOTEL as one of the leading industry-specific job exchanges opens up new ways of communication and exchange of information. Since March 2006 strongly-spreading social network won the South by Southwest Web Award in the category of blogs already after one year and in Germany with 65,000 active users and a growth rate of approximately 4,000 new registered persons per week of the online movers 2009. “” Since March 2006 strongly spreading social network won a year after the South by Southwest Web Award “in the category of blogs” and is in Germany with 65,000 active users and a growth rate of approximately 4,000 new registered persons per week of the online movers 2009. With this free service, users logged-in can other users send himself wrote text messages with maximum 140 characters or present these on its own home page. Twitter is based on, Subscribe to the messages of others, so about current offers, news, and reviews the selected people to stay informed. Now customers, partners, applicants and other people interested in JOB-HOTEL can take advantage of precisely this function. On the page @JobHotel, JOB-HOTEL offers a wide range of information of special offers on new products and industry news for the hotel industry, gastronomy, tourism, cruise and leisure industry. The benefits? -With short precise texts of information always up to date remain a fast communication and virtual proximity directly to the company! These and other advantages convinced not only the employees, customers, and prospective customers from JOB-HOTEL, but attracted more large companies and organizations. Also the communication platform StudiVZ”adapted to the trend to Twitter and took over with the grapevine” same function: to tell the world what you have to say! Benefit from the comfortable way of information exchange and visit your job board on the virtual level! professionally conquer the world!

Oswald Aero

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You optimize your search engine position the aviation community is a large community: the stewardess is the student of aviation, the model maker and the gliding club. All of you are as entitled to an aero-domain name registration. The eligible members of the aviation community can register each any term under .aero since 2002. He must no longer reflect the company’s name, or you can rely on a trade mark. The rule change also means: foreign companies can register terms that are important to you, or even your company name or product name. Many beautiful general terms and concepts are airlines still free, such as,, and so on can register since the 2nd 2002, the IATA CODE of two letters as aero-domain. Airports can also register their three letter IATA-code see .aero.

These domains have already been pre-registered by SITA and must be reported to the authorized airports only at the Registrar. Airlines and airports can also in addition to .aero their industry codes to register under special official subdomains “” or “”. Improve your ranking at Google and other search engines. You can get a better placement with aero-domains at search engines as de-domains, com-domains, net domains or many others. Search engines such as Google list your domain higher, if the keyword in the domain name is included.

With the large domains such as .com and. de, it is however no longer possible to register such search terms as a domain name, because all good terms are already assigned. At .aero, you can still many good terms of bekomen. Hear what “Internet Gurus” recommend. “As we’ve frequently reported in our SE book & newsletter, placing keywords right in your domain name can give your site a major boost on search engines.” So we’ve previously reported that some engines are no longer accepting sub directory pages. This is one of the reasons the smart marketing pros have been buying keyword-phrase domain names. They use them as doorway pages to boost traffic to their sites,”explains Stephen Mahaney, author of”the Unfair advantage book on winning the search engine wars” Michael Campbell shows in ‘ nothing but ‘ net “on:” the reason we want keywords in the domain name is that search engines find often get ‘tuned’ to, and to give better positioning, domains with keywords in them. ” Declan Dunn, author of “winning the affiliate game”button, has given the Board in a memo to its affiliates”to get on top of the search engines, one of the critical keys is a good domain name LOADED with keywords.” Declan continues: “this news is spreading among WebMasters, SearchEngine Meisters, Internet marketers, and big corporations. Don’t wait.” Hans-Peter Oswald aero domains.html

Google AdWords

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The negative here is that Google AdWords is terribly expensive. As already mentioned there are a much simpler and less expensive way to get traffic Your site to guide. It is with Facebook. If you still don’t know, Facebook already passed the 500 million member mark. This is a huge chance for you, the required traffic to get. And we all knowledge, more website traffic, increase your opportunities more prospects and more product sales. With such a large number of members, a failure is very unlikely. The money is not far from you.

If you’re doing the right thing and you are holding some rules nothing more in the way is your sales success. You may find David Karp to be a useful source of information. A very important point when using Facebook is to note the FB rules! Use the right tools and you’ll notice very quickly that you can earn a lot of money through the use of Facebook. Create a Facebook fan page for your potential buyers. One of the best ways to promote yourself and your product online is a Facebook profile, to create a so-called Facebook fanpage. You have two options, you can follow in this case. Educate yourself with thoughts from Marko Dimitrijevic. I and my team use the option 1, because it is the better choice in comparison. But decide for myself… Option 1: You can as a real person, with your name sign – and positioning yourself as an expert in your niche.

Those interested must promise help in solving specific niche, acute problems of you. For this reason you should know from you of course also in the niche which you market, and offer very good solutions! By you’re offering your help, problem solutions ready did, going from your clients generally as an insider, or in other words as an expert, perceived the people like to follow – because you know where it’s at. Get yourself to the focal point of your campaign, or your entire business.

Web Ranking

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How to achieve a top 10 ranking in Google bringing fabulous attendance Top10 ranking – …und your hit counter explode! When it comes to the topic of Web pages and success, the speech by a top position in the major search engine, Google is everywhere. Finally, a solid top 10 means placement in the major search engine in the German Internet, depending upon the search frequency, a lot of visitors. To use the generated flow of visitors, means this also saves you money. You want to learn how to get a top 10 ranking on Google? Unfortunately, over again untruths and myths through the media are circulating widely on the topic of search engine optimization. Want to put an end to the top10 ranking page and provides you with the answers.

Currently offered a free newsletter, which gives tips on how to improve the search engine ranking on Google. Subscribers will also receive information about the increase of visitor traffic outside of the Suchmaschinentraffics. In addition to all of this information is a free eBook special report with the name “The YouTube secret” available for download. Also included are other valuable downloads and tips to increase visitor numbers. Top10 ranking with a paid offer starts in the autumn. It is a video course which gives you step for step buyers in easy-to-understand instructions, how you optimize your pages OnPage for this search to be. Also the Offpage optimization will be a central part of the video course.

The course provides the answer to the question: “How do I get a double listing in Google?” or “How do I get a Top10 position in less than 1 hour?”. All the information about the search engine optimization based on white hat methods and are the result of many years of experience in the field of search engine optimization SEO. Stay curious and start today with the search engine optimization of your Web pages. Good luck! Manuel Hack

Multimedia Terminals

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The versatile terminals can be used for example for advertising, information and even indirectly for sale. Multimedia terminals and Internet terminals offer plenty of users and operators. A central information point learn not only about specific offers and services, you can get also schedules, product lists, and more depending on the setting of the terminals. Even for security training, multimedia are excellently suitable terminals and Internet terminals. You must be programmed only accordingly. And that assumes the company ITVM ( for its customers. By establishing the systems up to the commissioning and staff training, customers receive everything from a single source. The areas of application for this versatile terminals are great.

They can be used, for example, in the retail, to draw attention to certain products and promotions. Industrial companies can take advantage of the displays guests easily prescribed by law Safety information to bring. In public facilities, hospitals or in tourist centres are the multimedia terminals an opportunity, so that guests can focus without the aid of service employees. The versatile terminals can be used for example for advertising, information and even indirectly for sale. For example, from customers who are looking for a specific product or furniture of a certain group in the furniture store. The system saves time and costs for additional staff, you would need to place the terminals. They are therefore a good and economical solution for companies in all sectors.

From small business to international corporations. ITVM meets the demands of its customers with a wide range of products and services. In addition to terminals for indoor and outdoor use, wall terminals, stand terminals and Internet terminals in all conceivable finishes is also the appropriate software for the multimedia terminals and Internet terminals available. This virtually endless terminals from a central location and therefore to be depending on version control time and cost-saving. Also makes the practical ITVM terminals to a convenient, time-saving and effective solution for every business. company ITVM has its headquarters in the southern German Tamm. It was founded in 1997 and provides its clients with multimedia terminals, technical displays, and more. Customers include companies from the industry, retail, hospitals and public institutions. For example, tourism centres and town halls. Instead of technical innovations, a honest and fair advising of clients and high quality products are at the forefront of corporate governance. In addition to his corporate responsibilities, ITVM takes seriously its social responsibility. The company supports include the Red Cross and doctors without borders.

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