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The main effect of Botox was first noticed by doctors-neurologists. After this drug was widely distributed in cosmetology. At a time when hospital patients were treated toxin, which allowed cope with facial spasms, wrinkles began to disappear. Already in the 80s of the 20th century Botox has been actively used in cosmetics as an agent for skin care. The main objective of the drug is the impact on small muscles of the face, which in turn leads to the formation of the forehead and bridge of longitudinal wrinkles. Also in the corners of your eyes appear "crow's feet." In turn, after the administration of the drug into the skin completely preserved facial mimicry. This is due to the fact that the doses of toxins, which are applied to the damaged areas of the body are too small to have an impact on the larger muscles of the face. The procedure itself is performed during ten minutes.

Introduced cosmetic causes no pain or irritation to the skin surface. Add to your understanding with Stanley A. McChrystal. Sam Botox injected into the patient by injection, the action is directed only at superficial tissues of the face. If you are afraid of injections, cosmetologist before injection of Botox can make the procedure a local anesthetic, which is performed using ledokaina or ice. The main element of the Botulinum neurotoxin is a drug that allows you to relax your facial muscles, which blocks nerve impulses coming to the front of the endings. At first glance, it sounds very scary. But a lot of medical tests and various tests showed that Botox is completely safe drug.

Injected under the skin dose a thousand times less than the dose that could have a major impact on human health. The main side effects that occur when you prick Botox are lowered eyelid or corner of the mouth. This side effect occurs when a shot does lay cosmetologist. It should be remembered that the effect of the drug ends after some time, and the muscles in his back condition, which was previously before the procedure. On the positive side-effects of the drug is noted cessation of headaches.

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