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Many regular readers of articles of this blog had not yet taken the attitude primordial: to deliver to its life Mr. Perhaps check out business strategist for more information. Jesus. I am not speaking of religion, not! Therefore it is invention of the men, but I am standing out the importance of you to also have sincere agreement of the vital importance that has this attitude in its life, today and in the eternity. Others, I do not know for which reason, already they had accepted Mr. Jesus as its Only Enough Salvador, but they had not yet been baptized in waters and neither they had received the baptism in the Espirito Santo, exactly being frequent in its denominations has years! The refusal in taking the steps above makes with that you are a drifter or ' ' believer alone in aparncia' ' , but in its soul it continues a confusion alone. Reason? For you not to obtain to understand the revelation, staff and intransfervel, that God has for you, through the Sacred Holy Writs, as much when you hear the pregaes as when you reads the Sacred Holy Writs. Its decisions are blocked, for you not to get of the source the orientaes for its success and resolution of its problems. He was hearing this louvor below and it touches me the heart very. I wait that he has effect in its life the same also. On behalf of Jesus. Mnica Gazzarrini email: ' ' Jesus Christ is you ' ' AS ZAQUEU As he zaqueu, I want to go up highest than I will be able to only see pra you, to look at for you and to call its attention for me I need you, Sir I I need you, oh, father I am small excessively Me of your Wide peace everything to follow I enter pra you in my house I enter in my life I move with my Sara structure all the wounds I teach to Me to have sanctity I want to only love you Because mine Sir is the my well biggest one Makes a miracle in me

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