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The inferiority feelings appear of a sense deincompletude or imperfection in any sphere of the life. For example, criana motivated by its feelings of inferiority to search a level superior dedesenvolvimento. When it reaches this level, it starts to feel itself inferiornovamente and it initiates one more time the ascending movement. The inferiority feelings are not a signal deanormalidade; they are the cause of all improvement in the condition human being. Essessentimentos can be aggravated by conditions special, as in the case mimada or rejected dacriana. Filed under: actress and filmmaker.

In this context, certain manifestaesanormais can occur, as the development of a compensatory complex of superiority. In normal circumstances, the inferiority feeling ouum incompletude sense is the great propeller force of the humanity. In outraspalavras, the human being is stimulated by the necessity to surpass suainferioridade and pressured by the desire of being superior. SOCIAL INTEREST During the initial years of its teorizao, Adler foiseveramente criticized by emphasizing egoistic pulses and ignoring social reasons. In 1939, Adler extended its conception of the human beings to include the factor dointeresse social. Although the social interest includes questions as interpersonal and social cooperation, relations identification with the group, thus pordiante empatia and, it he is much more ample of what everything this.

In its essential direction, a perfect society ointeresse social consists of the individuals to help the society to reach the half: ' ' The social interest is true and the inevitvelcompensao of all the weaknesses of the beings humanos' '. The person is inserted in a social context since oprimeiro day of life. The manifest cooperation if in the relationship enters bebe the mother, and from the person she is continuously involved there in a net interpersonal derelaes that mold the personality and offer to exits concretaspara the superiority search. The superiority search if becomes socialized; oideal of a perfect society takes the place of and doganho purely egoistic the personal ambition.

Life Expectancy

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Yes, the scientists say that life expectancy by 50% due to genes, and the second 50% – depends on the the man and his life. And life, it is determined by our thoughts J: how we think, the way we live! .. There are people who are called – "youthful." Look good, leading an active life (sports, communication, activity), healthy nutrition, self-development. For them, the use of any means to slow aging is not clear. They look so young. Do they have something else to feel good, young? There is a caveat. How long have these people this is their last state? Given the fact that natural aging occurs constantly, relentlessly, and without him, in the presence and premature aging. So, the use of modern science, can retained as long as possible, its comfortable state.

Especially since it would be desirable for everyone. Contact information is here: MSCO. The child wants to become an adult, and do not want to be old. Adult, wants to be young, and also do not want to be old. Old age does not need anybody! .. There are still people who look at everything from a rational point of view. Yes. Learn more on the subject from Drew Houston. Each age has its pluses and minuses. And in old age, they also find them.

They continue to live, glad they have. These people try to find positive moments at any age and focus on them, and the rest is not overlooked. Old age? Yes. So what? But then they want to, deep down, to recapture its youth … Man is made up of: body, soul, mind and inner strength, or energy. Body: young – old, strong – Old (decrepit), in a tone – flaccid (limp), strong (powerful) – weak (powerless), filled with life – a lifeless soul …: A young – old, rich – poor, large – poor, healthy – rotten … Consciousness: children – adult – an old man, obviously – a vague, fast – slow (stupid), development (creative, with a soul) – a simplified, enlarged – a narrow … Inner strength: either there or not. I'll tell you about the body. That is it allows us to do something to create, to solve all their problems and achieve goals. This is – a tool for the creation of our soul, driven by our consciousness. Of how our body is subject to us, depends on the extent and how we achieve the desired in this world. Body must take care, it must be to train, maintain, maintain. And if man does not need its own body, it does not need anybody! The choice is yours. Oleg Semochkin. 19/12/2010.


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This paradigm did not obtain to answer to all the questions that had appeared and starts to decline in the current days starting with Einstein and the quantum mechanics and continuing with the great advance in the knowledge of the new modern scientific paradigm. As the paradigm, emergent, still is initiated in the days that if follow and some consider still it as a speculative way for the signals of crisis of the dominant paradigm. This new model that if presents to the world is as &#039 affirmed Boaventura de Souza Saints; ' the paradigm of a cautious knowledge for a life decente' ' (p 60). Being it a scientific model (cautious knowledge) and also social (for a decent life). The Process of Industrialization of Science In accordance with Saints (1999) currently science earned in severity and lost in auto regulation. Continue to learn more with: Drew Houston. The industrialization of science if of the one for the association between the economic, social institutions and politics that establish what and as must be searched and be improved for the scientific advance. The said rich countries of ' ' first mundo' ' they dominate the knowledge scientific and they finish manipulating the countries of third world with its technological innovations finishing for exploring them each time more in exchange for a knowledge that would have to be of the domain of all. On this subject &#039 was launched a called film recently; ' Extremas&#039 decisions; ' (Extraordinary Measures), where a father of two children with a congenital illness finds a scientist who already knows the procedures adjusted for the manipulation of an adjusted medicine to cure this pathology, but that it faces a series of burocracias on the part of other scientists and the government also involving the financing of the research for the concretion of the drug. The calls extreme decisions that are observed in the film happen, most of the time, in the professional scope.

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