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Body Structure

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The Centre of gravity of the human body tends to locate about 2-3 fingers below the navel. -Body structure of the individual. Depositing fat next to structures rigid (bony) large, so that the body stability during transport see diminished to the lowest extent possible. Thus, it is logical to understand these fat deposits used to be located in the vicinity of the central part of the abdomen (Center of gravity), as well as the rib cage (for men) and the pelvis and hips (for women). As always, there can be exceptions as regards as spreads the fat in the body depending on the gender of the individual, although they are usually closely tied to their body morphology in particular. For example, probably a woman with a narrow pelvis accumulate most of their fat deposits in the abdominal and lumbar area.

And we can put some absurd example: can you imagine that you engordaras only from your right arm? Or that all your fat will accumulate in the ears? To finish you’ve set at how thins someone who is regime? We tend to think that the first thing thins is the face and the legs (from knee down). Not is that is first, but what better appreciate. When it comes to weight loss, the body will follow the same premise. It will do so in a proportionate manner, and if you have to leave some reserve, will continue at our Center. Thus, this area will be the last to lose all its fat now already know the reason for the existence of that tummy. At the moment, keep not roughshod te-based daily abdominal exercises in order to reduce it. The exercise will help, but it won’t be the most important thing. Soon, in localized thinning II: how to burn fat you will find some answers.

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