Times Of Crisis Times Of Change

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When times are difficult and the economy is bad, there are 2 ways of seeing things: one way is to see everything with fear, worry and panic, as millions of people around the world are watching it. The other way of seeing things is to see everything as a growth opportunity, a chance to get out of your zone of comfort, an opportunity to re – invent, an opportunity to do things differently, an opportunity to seek the opportunities that there are in the midst of the crisis. If you sell a product or service, when you leave to sell, you look for opportunities that are around you. When leave to sell looking for different angles of selling your product or service. I want to tell you that there are many opportunities around you. It begins to find opportunities for which there are many in this economy. Albert Einstein said: in the midst of the crisis is an opportunity.

And this was what Colonel Sanders did the founder of KFC, seeking opportunity in the midst of the crisis. When Colonel Sanders turned 65 years of age, and received the first check of his pension by $99.00 dollars, did not like the amount of money that would receive and fell into a crisis because it was very little money and was not sufficient to pay your expenses and give the lifestyle he wanted for himself and his family. So Colonel Sanders made an inventory of everything they had and it gave account that had nothing, which was already a 65 years old and that in the course of his life did not have academic preparation. And finally realized that the only thing I had was a recipe to prepare a delicious chicken and was told yes same: because if this is all that I have, with this I’m going to make a millionaire. And he began to visit restaurants and talk to the owners to offer them your secret recipe and told them the following: my name is Colonel Sanders and I have the best recipe for chicken in the world, and I am willing to share it with you in exchange for a percentage of everything you sell. And what do you think? does that restaurant owners immediately told him that if? Clear that no!, the Colonel Sanders visited hundreds and hundreds of restaurants in the entire United States and received hundreds and hundreds of rejections. But Colonel Sanders never surrendered, never gave up, because the had power staff, power staff is the ability to act, to be able to staff is the ability to take action.

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