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Exempt from finest details and made easy Poing, Munich 06.April 2011 – Franzis transparent objects with the new photo clipping software offers pixxsel CutOut 3.0 another tool for the photographic image editing. Understand functions and intuitive to use, the software allows rapid success. Beginners runs an initial threshold taken and directly provided instructional and instructional videos for successful processing of photos and installation functions. The new pixxsel CutOut 3.0 impresses with its precise exemption of objects, distance disturbing motif details or photos to be processed. Automatic contour detection CutOut 3.0 includes as well a powerful chroma-key function. The masking function allows free of particularly difficult details in a few minutes, such as hair or blurry and fuzzy edges.

With a new background create a completely new image or optional subjects, so it can be used for more photo montages. Disturbing image details can simply retouched out and automatically be replaced with environment details, as if they were never there. In just a few steps, the software allows working out of main motifs, which perfectly come with a soft background provided. pixxsel CutOut 3.0 is a stand-alone software for Windows operating systems. The software also provides an added convenience by it in Photoshop, Photoshop elements and other Photoshop plugin compatible image editing programs as PlugIn directly in the workflow integrates. pixxsel CutOut 3.0 is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7, and at a price of EUR 69.00 as German box version now in stores or available through as a box and download. About pixxsel CutOut 3.0, the program uses traditional mask, as well as the famous chroma. Easy-to-use tools in pixxsel CutOut 3.0 allow also to beginners the cropping of difficult subjects. The indoor and outdoor mapping can so exactly blurred border motifs, such as hair or smoke detail be cut out. Disturbing elements in photos, people in the background, birds in the sky or passing cars as well as image errors are easily worked out in pixxsel CutOut 3.0.

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