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According to the World Health Organization, every third inhabitant of the planet is infected with viral hepatitis. (Similarly see: Mark Stevens). Source of infection is the blood of an infected person. For viral hepatitis characterized by suppression activity of interferon the body, so the search and application of inducers of endogenous (natural) interferon is of particular importance. As shown by clinical trials 'Floravit E' is an effective inducer of interferon. In the year 2003. in Moscow at the Department of Infectious Diseases rmapo were conducted clinical trials 'Floravit E' and practical recommendations on the use of the above drug patients with viral hepatitis C, etc. The technique takes into account the possibility of 'Floravit E' as its own interferon inducer. It is very important that in using the drug is not noted any side effects. Proved that when receiving 'Floravit E': normalized blood values of ast, alt, and others significantly decreased the viral load. 30% of patients taking Floravit for 6 months. virus in the blood did not show restored harmonious relationship lymphocyte populations. No side effects when taking drugs 'Floravit E' and the possibility of long-term use allows doctors to recommend the drug to patients with viral hepatitis to achieve a stable remission.

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