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President Ronald Reagan

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Quarter horse from the feral horses, which were already the Spaniards and Portuguese in the southern States of today’s United States and Mexico and the large immigrant flows in the 17 and 18 centuries brought horses was the the American Quarterhorse. The name is derived from the quarter-mile races, which were popular at the end of the 18th century in the cities of the southern States. “This was a race, where just about an a quarter mile” long route was blocked off and two horses entered (match race) against each other. The quarter horse was a very versatile horse and used everywhere, where it arrived on endurance and speed. Horses with the so-called cow sense”(cattle instinct) were the horses of the Cow boys and were essential for the work on the large cattle ranches and the impulses to the meat markets and railway stations.

Today, there are various equestrian disciplines: the cutting and the working cow horse working with cattle in the sport and the reining one primarily in the United States rapidly and quickly ridden dressage and extremely highly prized race on the quarter mile. Saddlebreds the American Saddlebred has its origins in the southern parts of the United States, where it as fast and elegant but also robust and trittsicheres riding and carriage horse was bred. Identifies the Saddlebreds are a very elegant horse breed of exotic appearance, they are not free as the peacocks’ of show horses. With her always highly worn head horses have always somewhat arrogant, as they would be aware of its extraordinary beauty. The wealthy southerners of the early United States presented itself like with this horse in public and even Hollywood came not to this elegant and athletic animals and so these were popular film horses due to her charisma, intelligence and nerve.

The US President Ronald Reagan, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman have owned Saddlebreds and fury, FLICKA, Mr. ed, and black beauty were Saddlebreds. Selle Francais the Cheval de Selle Francais (German: French riding horse, usually short Selle francais) is the very successful breeding results in a mid-20 century made selection of the best horses of different origin France. It is fast, powerful and resistant. Despite Temperament it has a quiet and balanced character and is versatile. The Frenchwoman Alexandra Ledermann won z.B .mit Cheval de Selle Francais Rochet M at the Olympic Games 1996 in Atlanta the bronze medal. Shires-shires are the biggest horse race in the world and over 190 cm in size. Their high-set neck wears a long, ramsnasigen head and its compact head and her compact body include unusually long legs. Shires act very raised and but are quite elegant despite its enormous size and its weight (up to 1200 kg). Considered to be particularly good natured, and are also gentle giants “. Originally bred as warhorses who had to wear the Knights with their heavy armour were the shires later mainly used as carriage horses. Today, can be found on the coats of arms of many English pubs and breweries of Shire horses. With the advent of steam engines in agriculture, this imposing and friendly horses without the use would be some private breeder is probably already extinct.