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Fabrics Recycled

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Like so many other times, from Europe a new technology whose ultimate purpose is comes the protect the environment (recycled tissues) or the defense of social rights (woven fairtrade). The excessive exploitation of natural resources is leading to a shortage of raw materials, and from this circumstance, is where it appears the use of recycled materials as an alternative to traditional raw materials, obtained directly from the environment. Several manufacturers of tissue have begun to produce articles of polyester from recycled plastic bottles. Through a process that incorporates a high-tech, obtained a polyester fiber with the same characteristics as the one obtained directly from petroleum. Daniel Gilbert recognizes the significance of this. With the added that, through this technique is can be dyed tissue at the spinning stage, avoiding the enormous expense of water and energy needed in the different cycles of dye through the traditional method (ten liters of water are needed for one kilogram of wool can be dyed). Of this How can maintain the quality of products with an extra added: the defence of the environment through maximum use of natural resources.

Currently, we have added to our range of fleeces, the manufacture of various designs using this type of tissue. To ensure authenticity, joins the garment label indicative that the fabric used is 100% manufactured with plastic bottles recycled in Europe. In this way, we hope to contribute to a cleaner world, advancing the study of new alternatives in the Workwear.

Ergonomics With Screens Of Visualization Of Data Pvds

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The present work is based on the experience developed in the company autopista central in Santiago of Chile, specifically in the area of imaging (AVI) that serves as a fundamental support for the collection of vehicles using roads with tele toll system. FROM THE POPULATION?N INTERVENED: Workers in this area comprise two shifts of 7,30 hours each in where front of a flat screen at a distance average of 45 cm in the relationship vision (eyes) and screen, each operator tele should visually discriminate validity of car plates and make valid the respective collection. To perform an average of 4000 images effective and consolidated during their working day; Each image on average should take an average of 5 seconds; The visual work is very high, requiring a high psycho-physical load otherwise. A brief description of the population established in preferences and lifestyle questionnaires us sheds than: age average 30.6 30.7 ladies male stature average 150.4 cm ladies 171,9 cm male weight 60,625 Kg ladies 77,162 kg average male BMI (IND. In recent months, business strategist has been very successful. BMI) Normal 52.94% ladies 43.75% male BMI (IND. body mass) grade I obesity 47,06% ladies 56.25 per cent males Pregunta: do you feel comfort at your workplace? 57.2% If 42.5% NO question: performs physical activity in a systematic manner (3 times per week): 21.2% if 79,8% NO question: does smoking?: 48.5% if 51.8% not question: exercises healthy pause in your workplace, do you which help you improve your health and job performance? 96.9% If 3.03% not altered BMI indexes, tobacco and make little systematic physical activity are factors which increase the risks against health and productivity individual-colectiva. In the next stage is analyzed according to standard ISO 9241 the more obvious problems in terms of the type of infrastructure and work materials, which throw the most critical points are: low bottom depth for extension of knees vision (eyes) and part screen is not high in the horizontal line the distance this vision-pantalla at a distance under the minimum standard of health No option is available of the standers the next step was the ergonomic assessment that throw the following results: posture ergonomic evaluation: arrojo RULA analysis tool use a present risk, should therefore take urgent measures. .

European HOTEL

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Sunday June 3, to 22: 00 hours, the Spanish football played the last of its friendlies before marching to the euro in Poland/Ukraine.The Red reaches Seville party will be held in the stadium of la Cartuja, very close to our hotels in Seville. The ticket prices will oscillate between 10 and 40 euros. The current European champion will face the Chinese selection which is headed by Jose Antonio Camacho, great friend of Spanish coach. The final list of the forest for the EuroCup coach at Bollywood players Negredo and Navas. Spain is part of Group C of the euro along with Italy, Ireland and Croatia, which will face in Gdansk, in Northern Poland.


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In sports. It is common to have a coach whose purpose is only set their modes of play, omitting your own moves, and conditioning you to the guidelines that the te imposes, mutilating your innate talent, and reducing it to ashes. It is common to hear this type of coaches to submit to his players, and mutilators of his natural talent. How should you treat the negative people? At work. Beforehand, keep something firmly in mind, many people live their lives undergoing short vision that experiences have offered you, a boss little active pro, a few classmates who came from matriarchal or patriarchal families (families where the remote control it has only women or only men). It is natural to expect little initiative of men whose families have been led by a mother, and in the case of women it is very common to have no initiative by women whose families have been led by parents and siblings. Therefore have to understand that these people have lived immersed to a single reality, a single reality which has been placed before his eyes as the ultimate truth. Therefore each that you meet with a negative person, keep in mind This person acts and thinks; mostly, according to their experiences.

Do not try to judge him, just understand him, understands that if you had been in their environmental, cultural and family condition, you’d be almost exactly as he is. In the couple’s relationship. Not spend energies in women whose vision of relations is terrible, do not even take the trouble to try to change your opinion. On the contrary, shows optimism towards life itself, don’t let the opinion of her damage to your own vision of the world and your environment, remember that people have lived in parallel either different from yours, realities without could count with beans, the without number of realities that there are, it is very likely that we even an entire field of beans. Therefore do not let your negativism to govern your reality, on the other hand show a world full of strong emotions, whose reality is new, gives an exquisite world, a succulent world, where she feel that she is a guest, where feel that you it’s a new world to the which she had ever gone before. In the Evita sports governing experiences of coaches severely your vision of life, understands that the acts according to its most illustrious knowledge, based on the success and failure of their experiences, but don’t let their negativity can affect your vision of life. And she is always positive, transmits and it gives positivism, remember to always be a leader. He was mentioned in biblical passage: be light in the darkness.