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In the world of entertainment arise more colourful ways to entertain themselves, one in particular steals all the attention today and while competing against strong rivals such as music and sports, it also has a great ally, the Internet; We are talking about nothing more and nothing less than the comic. The comic is one of the factors causing more distraction today, thousands of people watch daily comics, either on television, magazines or the Internet. The first comic was printed in 1833 created by Rodolh Topfer, it is said that he was the father of the modern American comic, since it was he who began to print comic books until 1845. Thus remained until the 20th century where with the inclusion of comic cartoons in the newspapers is given the great transition from informality to knowledge and public taste. The Eastern comic or manga makes its appearance in the 11th with papyrus and satires of the Japanese eras made by Toba No Sojo. The Eastern comic makes his breakthrough toward what is now in 1905 where magazines and short films all over Europe created by Ippei Okomoto makes his Grand appearance; from there he obtained his great height. Currently Eastern comics is the mode of drawing and type of comic book most sold and read in all continents.

Currently the comic so much Eastern as Western have both heyday that some books and popular magazines have been television and have even become blockbuster films. The comic has two major divisions which are: Western Comic: this is mainly created in the United States, it has tendencies to drawing with shadows and dark bases, the delineation of facial features becomes its main exponent that focuses too much on the gestures and facial expressions of his characters. One of the most representative firms in the United States is MARVEL COMICS this is possibly that more has driven the sale of comics across the West since it has great representative as: Hulk, Aironman, Spiderman, x men, Daredevil, fantastic four among others. Although speaking of Western comic must not forget classic creations of DC COMICS gave beginning to the current comic as: Batman, Superman, women wonder, wonder twins, Flash, Green Lantern and other more. Comic or manga Eastern: this is a discipline of drawing that strives to show all ancestral environments of Japan and if of all the East, the Eastern comic or manga is a drawing technique focused on the perfection of the body highlighting physical as the legs, chest, eye and physical abilities. In the East are as GAINAX, GONZO and TOEI studios that have managed the expansion of their comics around the world thanks to his career. Some of the greatest exponents of Eastern comics are: Megamizama, Hell sing, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto among others. Speaking of Eastern comic bone sleeve it is important to highlight that differences are substantially large with respect to the Western comic, since each focuses on different things if. The Western comic called comic and focuses on the creation of heroic stories. In terms of Eastern comics called manga and specializes in telling stories and teach the real Oriental traditions.