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As You Successfully Demotivated Teachers – Part III

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What media can do to our Lehrertier out to stop at the latest since the year 2001 is the first Pisa publications to find the theme school on the first few pages. The media have rediscovered the (monetary) value of this ancient theme. But not everything they write, comes close to the realities of the German school. Money allows you school to again earn. Unfortunately the messages are usually negative or is it even desirable? But positive news have become very rare at our school: bullying, beatings, extortion, wanton destruction, etc. And between everything the teacher every now and again.

With the almost regular attacks has managed even the German school to gain worldwide attention. A lot of reasons, the Motivationstier teacher, to slow a little from medial side. This here again some successful recipes: always eager the wrong question self-proclaimed experts from politics and science, on the subject of the school. Persons name to make better the odds. To the sad rule become attacks on German schools not take advantage, to expose the real causes. If you are not convinced, visit Jim Crane. Computer games are just not the trigger for attacks, but rather for some students a way out for them not always quite happy (also school) to escape reality. Certain trends such as loneliness, isolation, exclusion, “Made in School” be strengthened in classes oversized for today’s standards.

But rather than to denounce the ugly facts, rather once again warm the slogans scattered for the electorate by politicians, such as educational REVOLUTION, education Summit, etc.. Consistently ignore, however, the teachers familiar with the practice. The truth is just boring and teachers also. Likes unreflected tags into the ring throwing, can silence any criticism on the part of the teacher in advance. So, the mirror has 2005 titled teacher as to literally top EARNERS in the year and thus in the merit rank of a top executive raised even if this was not intended. That between the annual gross earnings of a member of the DAX Board (4,000,000) and the an A12 teacher (40,000) only two zeros lie, it does not matter. We all learned in school, that a zero has no value and just two even less, or? It is the last article in this series, which deals with the private sphere of our teacher, in a week. I like you successfully demotivated teachers – as you successfully demotivated teachers – part II A.F.

Ashkenazi Jews

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Two counterparties = 2 positions, worlds + 360 viewing angle = 2 security needs a legal system = 2 interpretations = 3 opinions = 1 practice remembering we us initially how hard did to German postwar Governments with the task of German eastern territories. Some Fluchlingsverbande not make it today still. How should the Arab Palestinians renounce easily on their territories? Several Arabs only once sold their land to Jews. Arabs live i.e. everything all in large families, belongs. There was all the money. Your plot, you wanted to sell other Jews so a second time. But the Jews did not have receipts, the Muslims. Click Tumblr to learn more.

The Ashkenazi Jews brought their 500-year-old Eastern European culture progress against nomadic part domestic Sephardim (analog to digital). As the Sephardim, the Jews call themselves and their descendants, who lived until their expulsion in 1492 and 1531 in Portugal and Spain (Andalusia) and settled after their escape for the most part in the Ottoman Empire and in the West of North Africa (Maghreb). A small part of settled in Northern Europe, in particular the commercial seaport of the Netherlands in Amsterdam, and Northern Germany, especially in Hamburg, but also in America, India and Africa. Their culture was still based on the Iberian culture. Jim Crane gathered all the information. In it, Sephardim differ from the distinct culturally german Ashkenazi Jews from Central and Eastern Europe. Source:, who ignored historical developments (war results) extract and migrations undo wants (Jews, Federation of expellees), is a negative acquis keeper. As our EU governments that prevent subsidies such as the progress of the labour market.

Nature and culture is life! Life is ver change! The maximum order is death! The Jews (Ashkenazi) are already since approx. 1750 in Europe as European religious Minority discrimination. It is indisputable that the Jewish people (religion law) just after the Holocaust (supermen against God’s chosen people) needed a secure home.

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