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Comparing Cell Phones

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Tools to compare prices are a dime a dozen. We can now compare everything. From the battery, the phone up on to accessories for the vacuum cleaner. The vast diversity is not just the relatively transparent to the customer. Many comparisons to sort your results are not for the best price, but after a solid ranking. The ranking is defined as follows: The merchant pays the most, is also listed above. So happened again and again combinations, which does not pay the cheapest supplier but the supplier of most lands on the front positions. The non-savvy customer is then of the opinion that they have already found the best and cheapest offer.

Only one click – the real sort by price – separates then from this really the best offer. There are many brownfield sites where this sort is manipulated by the operator of the massive price comparison. Particularly in electronics, computer and mobile phone found examples where not always the cheapest supplier is at the top, but of the most paid for. Defined so as to For example, a simple mobile phone price comparison “under the hood” as a paid listing of a price portal that has no regard for the real price will be taken. However, it must be said that the customer makes a certain amount of guilt. For who are looking for the best price – for example, a mobile phone – may not blindly rely on to automatically receive the top offer – at no additional cost – are presented. A little effort, intuition and expertise should also bring the customer a satisfactory result obtained. After all, it revolves as always in life money. On the one hand for the customer and on the other side for the operator of the price comparison.