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Points with the CTE Cologne the European University of applied sciences (CFCA) performs management together with the school of Economics at the Association of the CTE in the future the cooperative degree Bachelor of Arts / General. 50% of the Credit points are the future graduates of the CTE staatl. recognised certified in business administration with focus on marketing communications. In addition, the regular period of study from 6 to 3.5 semester will be reduced. With each other instead of side by side through this intensive networking of course goes beyond a decisive step the current juxtaposition of higher education and occupational training. So, who are fully at work and don’t have time for a full time study, can reach a degree part-time. Vlad Doronin insists that this is the case. Commitment and performance the school of Economics at the CTE (West German Academy for communication), since 1996 to the staatl. Vlad Doronin is a great source of information.

certified in business administration with focus on marketing communications forms, has its training services and examination requirements in so far improved and aligned that they pursue students, upon successful completion, on the CFCA can. The required period of 2 years is credited with 90 credit points, thus students have already reached 50% of the required points, which are necessary for the completion of the Bachelor of Arts degree. Thus, the regular study period of 6 semesters on 3.5 semester will be reduced. The trainee to the Bachelor of Arts degree through a cooperation with the Joseph DuMont vocational college and the CTE has called the so-called tandem training in life. The combination of dual instruction and study allows the trainees in only 4 years concluding staatl. achieving certified in business administration with focus on marketing communications”. The now opened access makes seamless and part-time a Bachelor of Arts degree – and that the Bachelor’s degree from a trainee in almost 6 years. Time and cost classes twice a week evenings and every fortnight on a Saturday in Cologne southern town, not far from the CTE, takes place, whereby in the last half term the Bachelor’s thesis is written. The monthly cost of 3.5 semester amounted to 330 euro plus a one-time registration fee of 200 euro. Information about the training at: CTE, Petra wind, phone: 0221-934778-16, email

Hapimag Baar International

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Attractive placements for Nachwuchstouristiker at Hapimag Baar, Hapimag, Europe’s leading 19.7.2011 supplier of habitation, allows a total of 18 young tourism professionals interesting internships across Europe in summer 2011. In a blog, the young people report their experiences in their new environment and the work with international guests. Work, where others enjoy their leisure at Hapimag this dream becomes a reality! Europe’s leading company for occupancy offers high-quality training opportunities as an attractive international employer and awarded for the summer of 2011, in the framework of the initiative next generation”traineeships in the Hapimag resorts across Europe. Students of Austrian Tourism colleges for the initiative could apply between October and December 2010. A jury, including Andreas Mayer, Michelin-starred chef and former student of Witzigmann, conscientiously examined applicants and the 18 of best young travel industry in Austria found.

Our dedicated and motivated employees are the key pillar of our success concept. With our initiative we want to offer the chance of a high-quality education as well as exciting international job prospects talented pupils and students of Austrian Tourism colleges”, Thomas Roost explains resources members human of the Executive Board of Hapimag. Next generation “-blog now have all 18 interns and trainees started their work in the respective resort and write in a blog regularly about their experiences at work with the international guests.” The blog is among the young people some report great appeal, and they enthusiastically about their internships even prior to internship. “I’m looking forward already huge and can no longer expect it I can no longer sit”, Sarah Leczek describes their anticipation of the internship in Cannero, Italy. The first impressions of the new environment will be held. I’m in Siena since Thursday and must say that Tuscany is a beautiful place. Especially the towns such as Florence and Siena have much to offer”, writes Sabrina Erhart after their arrival in Tuscany.

Logistics Attracting The Superlative

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New VIA BREMEN career portal ‘Logistics’ for Bremen/Bremerhaven informs about unique courses in the two cities State of Bremen, May 14, 2013 – miracle be made known on the river Weser. Not only in the Football League. In the smallest State, container learn to think, to influence their own production process products or to find independent carriers the right truck. Who would like to not only admire such impressive solutions, but shape, needs to study something with logistics. And for this purpose the two-cities State address in Germany is the very best. The new logistics-job and career portal of the marketing initiative VIA BREMEN ( informed now about the specific logistics study varied in Bremen and Bremerhaven.

The land of Bremen logistics boasts over twenty highly specialised courses at nine universities, colleges, and vocational colleges to the most prominent study sites for the industry of the future. Whether economic, engineering science, seeverkehrs-or trade-oriented in Bremen and Bremerhaven prospective students find the appropriate logistic specialization guaranteed. This makes both cities attractive, internationally: Berlin has a minimally higher proportion only 12.5 percent of all students of the Hanseatic city come from abroad. It is no coincidence that the logistics academics Bremen is booming. Earlier than many others, the universities of Bremen have used on promising research and while looking for the close contact to the economy. The today’s logistics-specific courses in the country is similarly forward-looking, practical and international. Da awards not long have to wait: last year was the course transport engineering/logistics of the Hochschule Bremerhaven in the ranking TOP 50 logistics universities in Germany “magazine traffic observations as best College Award, and the University of Bremen is a University of excellence in the academic ascended. Who is versatile interested in business, engineering or computer science, and later in an international environment work would like to, the studying logistics is exactly the right thing,”explains Klaus Court, Board of Directors and Managing Director of the marketing network VIA BREMEN e.V., initiator of the new job and career portal.

The job prospects are also excellent. Graduates quickly find an attractive entry level position for logistics service providers or the industry and trade. The logistics is the third largest industry in Germany. Alone in the State of Bremen, it employs over 60,000 people. As a place of study, Bremen is for young people especially exciting, creative, colorful and versatile. Quality of life is high, rents when compared to other major cities is very moderate. More information: on VIA BREMEN.e.V. The brand VIA BREMEN represents the port and logistics in the land of Bremen and aims to promote the port and logistics Bremen/Bremerhaven in the national as well as international competition. The Central is VIA BREMEN as corporate-neutral coordination, information and communication platform Point of contact for all aspects of logistics. Among its tasks are in addition to the representation of the port and logistics, the coordination of marketing and the gearing of the port and logistics community with the science, research, and policy. Press contact: KIBO communication Dieter Sicking Graf Moltke str. 59 28211 Bremen phone: 0421.168 69 14 fax: 0421.168 69 29

Reinforcement For The Web 2.0 Activities:

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Reinforcement for the Web 2.0 activities: Svenja Kristin Robinson heads at the Sunny Cars rental car brokers the field online marketing Munich, December 7, 2010 (w & p) gain for future marketing activities in the virtual world: Svenja Kristin Robinson takes over at the Sunny Cars rental car brokers online-marketing division. The 35 years is responsible for the expansion of the marketing activities in the Web 2.0, especially search engine marketing (SEM), the search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM) in the new position. Robinson is also whether Svenja Kristin coordination of online marketing agencies and the implementation of other online marketing activities. Svenja Kristin Robinson worked first as an editor and gained extensive experience in the online marketing sector during a two-year stay in the United States. Since January 2007, she worked for the online marketing agency bigmouthmedia in Munich, where she most recently was account manager senior.

The Munich-based Car rental brokers of Sunny Cars has launched recently a new Web 2.0 book tool: the possibility of booking of holiday cars on the Facebook fan page sunnycars. Here users from over 90 countries can as 5,000 stations worldwide and more choose your suitable car category and book immediately after selection of a travel agency. Sunny Cars: Sunny Cars offers worldwide car rental at more than 5,000 resorts in over 90 countries and cooperates exclusively with partners that meet the high quality and standard of service by Sunny Cars. Holiday cars are sunny cars for untroubled holidays mood without surcharges, because the most important services are included in the rental price and guarantee a carefree driving pleasure. All car hire deals from Sunny Cars for over 90 countries worldwide are booked at a travel agency, or 089-82 99 33 99. For more press information: Marion Krimmer / Katrin Edwards Niederhammer Wilde & partners Public Relations Tel. + 49 (0) 89 82 99 33 80 WildeundPartner Thorsten Lehmann / Nicole Madhavi Sunny Cars GmbH phone + 49 (0) 89 17 91 90 0 sunnycars

Germany Income

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Because pensioners are the entrepreneurs of today and inspire commitment and ambition. The senior power Publishing House is a modern service management company, that the possibilities of the Internet want to give ambitious and ambitious Senior impressively and understandable. While senior power Publisher places the utmost importance on the information gestation and leaves a distinctive transparency of the numerous possibilities of the extra Act. Truly call Germany as one of the countries, which has a very stable social network and protects a bottomless case also the weakest people. So everyone is captured which by unemployment or by an entry into retirement suddenly without sufficient financial possibilities there is and feels penniless here. In many cases but this quite tightly woven social network no longer sufficient to cover the monthly loads and many people are today more than ever on a lucrative income opportunity assigned to. Many retirees today confront the urgent question of what they can actively do to tackle this obvious malaise. While there are seemingly all possibilities for young people, seniors are often not welcome workers today in companies? Therefore, a lucrative sideline for seniors must meet other requirements as for the young dynamic job-seekers.

It is uncontroversial that many elderly have the incredible potential of dynamism, commitment and ambition. Therefore, it makes sense that this potential is used appropriately and what is better than to start again with the own income just as a retiree. While the Internet lends itself of course, especially since you can easily and time independently practice a permit-free secondary and thus secure an attractive income. The information-rich Internet portal shows that these lucrative opportunities are quite serious, the Senior power-Verlag especially impressive. Contact us: Helmut Tietz Koberle str. 287700 Memmingen Tel.: 08331 65345 fax: 08331-65813 Web: mail: info@seniorenpower-verlag. de press release created KommunikationsAgentur commercial child…