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Times Of Crisis Times Of Change

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When times are difficult and the economy is bad, there are 2 ways of seeing things: one way is to see everything with fear, worry and panic, as millions of people around the world are watching it. The other way of seeing things is to see everything as a growth opportunity, a chance to get out of your zone of comfort, an opportunity to re – invent, an opportunity to do things differently, an opportunity to seek the opportunities that there are in the midst of the crisis. If you sell a product or service, when you leave to sell, you look for opportunities that are around you. When leave to sell looking for different angles of selling your product or service. I want to tell you that there are many opportunities around you. It begins to find opportunities for which there are many in this economy. Albert Einstein said: in the midst of the crisis is an opportunity.

And this was what Colonel Sanders did the founder of KFC, seeking opportunity in the midst of the crisis. When Colonel Sanders turned 65 years of age, and received the first check of his pension by $99.00 dollars, did not like the amount of money that would receive and fell into a crisis because it was very little money and was not sufficient to pay your expenses and give the lifestyle he wanted for himself and his family. So Colonel Sanders made an inventory of everything they had and it gave account that had nothing, which was already a 65 years old and that in the course of his life did not have academic preparation. And finally realized that the only thing I had was a recipe to prepare a delicious chicken and was told yes same: because if this is all that I have, with this I’m going to make a millionaire. And he began to visit restaurants and talk to the owners to offer them your secret recipe and told them the following: my name is Colonel Sanders and I have the best recipe for chicken in the world, and I am willing to share it with you in exchange for a percentage of everything you sell. And what do you think? does that restaurant owners immediately told him that if? Clear that no!, the Colonel Sanders visited hundreds and hundreds of restaurants in the entire United States and received hundreds and hundreds of rejections. But Colonel Sanders never surrendered, never gave up, because the had power staff, power staff is the ability to act, to be able to staff is the ability to take action.

The One

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It is only possible to make these changes in our budget doing a daily, continuous and detailed monitoring. P.C.’>Elnardo Webster jr. The difference will begin to achieve it only by effectively managing their money. As key step we must know each issue of our finances, so it is necessary to detail a clear and continuous as enter, the expenditures incurred, which is the movement of money and where it goes, that way you keep track of the money, money does not control you. Learn about money, train us in finance and plan to make it the one who work and produce for us, and not vice versa. You will see how with a little determination and planning will begin to collect their first amounts to invest, following a series of rules and with a bit of discipline will be among those who have savings and investments and they earn on an ongoing basis. Reading and analysis of its financial statements must be a constant activity if what you want is to achieve financial prosperity. Read its financial statements is reading the story of your life, you can see them towards where he goes and where it will be in a few years more than continue along the same path.

Studying balance sheets and financial statements allows you not only to analyze her course but also of any project undertaken. Read their own finances will allow you to detect errors to change in time as needed. Your financial future will be significantly different if making consciousness and are trained to act in a suitable way and begins to read financial statements every time more complex over time, financial statements that are a reflection of our lives and our way of thinking. Attend courses, read books, look for advice from people who know about the handling of money, investigate everything you can about financial planning.

Apocalypse People

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You already tried to bind to the television pra to see periodical? Poxa! When you bind to its television in the reporters, you already you have that to go taking a box of together handkerchief, because it is as much bad news that the people are with fear. a fear terrible and coitada of the people and good people! Good people including you yourselves that this article is reading. But why? because you it starts to think about its children, its life, its studies, family, church. of some form, the compassion comes. when it is not only one internal compassion (of its proper soul and family). It is compassion for the others. (Friends, and even though enemy, because the great tribulao is something that I do not want pra NOBODY).

alone pra to speak that you are not only the good people as we go to also speak of the bad people, because after all of accounts. until the outlaws they love they love the money, they love stealing, they love making the evil and they love its life. Summarizing–> All we from some point of view, tico or not (depending on the myopia degree), love the life! has fear to lose the life without having success some, without of that some form, either remembered later. with as much disaster, all enter in panic however. In Apocalypse 17:1 – 7, the Apostlo Joo, are in Patmos having a vision of arrepiar the hair. It finishes to see with its proper eyes the scenes of the apocalypse. GOD travelled in time with the Apstolo and showed everything what it would have to happen in the final days (where we are). When suddenly, it testifies ones of the scenes ugliest of the book: a dressed prostitute of royalty, full of jewels and gold, seated on of a red crossbow escarlata all tarred with horrible names of blasphemies, that had 7 heads and 10 horns.

Ten Recommendations

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If these publishing articles or posts either on your website or blog, you must take into account these tips and very useful recommendations, which will be of great help at the time of posting. 1 Unveils your opinion people like blogs, and likes it because they are written by people, not corporations. People want to know what think you, your opinion on the subject of which concerned the post. So tell them what you think using the fewest possible words. 2 Links as crazy supports your post with links to other websites that are contextual to your input and pon also links to other entries in your blog (links your own content). 3.

Not ramblings gives the maximum amount of information with a minimum of words. She thinks that time is finite and people are busy. 4. 250 words are insufficient a long post is easy to forget and hard to read. A short post is quite the opposite. 5 Put flashy titles get the titles of your posts than concise. The more ideas you can summarize in one sentence better.

Take a look at the newspapers to see how do them. 6. Structure the text divides the text of the post into paragraphs to make the format more palatable to the reader. 7 Get your posts easier to explore inserts a small title, a phrase that go to the grain, every certain number of paragraphs. 8 I know true to your style once you’ve settled, stick to a style. People like to know what is going to find. 9 Uses keywords think of keywords that people would use to search for your post and include them in the text and titles. Make sure that they look natural and not be out of place. 10 Check your post the key of good writing is revision. Before you publish your entry, make sure that there are no spelling mistakes and delete everything you don’t need. You want to discover more tips and secrets to belong to the true Elite of entrepreneurs…

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