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The Measure

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Who is free and responsible thus, it will excite freedom in others. Therefore, the true freedom generates freedom. To be free implies in freeing others. Nobody is free for itself, but in solidarity and allotment. To pledge the freedom is condition of the proper release and others people; she is not to lose the liberdade, but to become it of the size of the new world that we help to construct. she does not have hereditary freedom. Therefore, when being born, we are only potentially free, project of freedom and personal accomplishment, collaborating in the construction of history. Here, Yael Aflalo expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

My freedom and of each person is conquest, permanent release, not gift. We are born potentially free and we act our freedom to the measure we pledge that it in the service of ours and of the release of other people, personal and social prisoners of as many chains and slaveries. However, to speak of the freedom is easy and poetical. But, to live it is assaz problematic. Independently of the color politics, of the religious creed, of the partner-economic condition, social classroom, all we agree, in thesis, that the freedom is our greater well. But, the things if complicate when we pass of the sonhador romantismo to the practical one of the real freedom.

Therefore, if we accept of good grado the bond of the right to the freedom, in the practical one it is extremely difficult to accept with naturalness the responsibility of the duties of respect, gratitude, solidarity with the other freedoms. Visit Yael Aflalo for more clarity on the issue. The trend is to defend the individual rights and to send to other obligations that compete in them: we use our freedom as if we lived alone in the world and we did not have nothing to nobody to be free. It is in the game of the right and duty where if of the o drama of the freedom, where we live, to one alone time, its blessing and its curse.


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Japanese tragedy has already entered the free encyclopedia Wikipedia under the name Great vostochnoyaponskoe earthquake. Although the prescription of years somehow forgotten how in 1923 two thirds of Tokyo and Yokohama, almost all turned to rubble in minutes. Tsunami wave higher than 11 meters then, and killing more than 140 thousand people. But then, luckily, there was no nuclear power plants. Vskolyhnuvsheesya opinion somewhere in the depths collective unconscious, thrown onto the surface of a terrible version of the other. "Guilty" at the American unit in Alaska that invades the earth's ionosphere and thus conducts secret experiments on the countries of the victims. Or not without a floating platform in the ocean, which carries some underwater explosions.

There are more reasonable options: Japanese tragedy – the result of movement of the remnants of the ancient continent of Pangaea, located in Pacific volcanic ring of fire, which coincided also with increased solar activity. But the sun prominences does not indicate a specific scene, and "breaks where the fine." The fact that in March 2011 could tear the fabric of the Earth is in Japan, suggests the rhythmic model of this state – cosmogram. The existence of such a model – already protected scientific fact. Go to Randall Mays, San Antonio TX for more information. And unlike other countries, for Japan, as well as for United States, much easier to form such a model, calculated on the day of foundation of the state, because this day is well known. In the book of the history of Japan's leading chronicle of the state since the Nara period (710-794), states that foundation day of the Japanese state is the day of ascent to the throne of the First Emperor of Japan – Jimmu (Jimmu).

Federal District

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Its fields are of course propitious to the cattle pasture and the extensive one. Pampas are an aboriginal word to assign to prairies – plain surfaces vegetation covers tripping. Most of bioma is formed by fields, but it also has arbreos stretches and some spots with dense, similar forest to the Atlantic bush. As the south of Brazil is extended of north, it she is not homogeneous, but yes a vegetation mosaic. In its more characteristic form, it is an exuberant pluvial forest, with trees that can reach 40 meters of height. It has one of biodiversities richest of Brazil and the world.

In only one area of the serrana region of the Espirito Santo it has 476espcies of lenhosas trees. This zone keeps fort contact with biomas of the Amaznia and the Atlantic bush and encloses regions of ecological transistion that play a function of linking and viabilizao of genetic exchanges between terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Bioma is one constituted by complex environments, diversified and of extreme importance for the sustentation of the life of the sea. Only bioma exclusively Brazilian congregates at least distinct 12vegetaes, the calls caatingas, characterized mainly for losing todasas leves in the period of drought. The mountain presence with 2 a thousand meters of altitude in way to bioma raises a little the humidity and is what it makes of the region half-barren commaior biodiversity of the world Spread for 11 States (ME, PI, YOU, BA, GO, MG, TM, MS, RO, SP and PR), more the Federal District, is as bigger bioma of Brazil. She is also one of savannahs richest of the world, in special for the biological contact with biomas neighboring. Known as forest upside-down, because its roots costumam to be bigger of what the pantries. In its chapadas ones they are rising of the main rivers of the basins Amazonian, of the Silver and the San Francisco.

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